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The Secret of the Pebbles: The Soundtrack

The Little Donkey (U Shekkureddu), is a lilting whimsical tune written to capture the importance of the donkey to life and survival on this island.

Fisherman’s Tune (yes, that’s me whistling in the opening bars!). This lilting tune is simple. I personally could see not only one fisherman but, by the time we had recorded the track, could envisage many men fishing together on the peaceful and quiet Thyrrenean Sea, their fishing lines falling into the beautiful clear waters through which one can see the mysterious pebbles below.

Sotto Le Nostre Stelle (Under Our Stars). This track is the only other track with words and I chose to write them in Italian rather than dialect. It is the song of one of the main characters in my book – one I could hear her singing to her lover under the moon and the stars , the night before he leaves her to go to fight in World War II.

Francesca’s Prayer begins with the sound of church bells. In my story, Francesca spent many hours in prayer in the church as she prays in the Church of Santo Stefano for her soldier’s safe return from the war.

Remembering When We Were Young is a music track that I wrote imagining those who were much older on their return voyage to the island of their birth. In its final bars, it returns to the opening plaintive tune, and there is the realisation that time has past, but that memories remain.

Farewell is a track in which I hope I have captured a sense of hope and positivity and a feeling of acceptance at one’s final departure from this island. Many of us who are children of those who migrated from the island, do return.For most if not all of us there is a great sense of wonder and magic about this island.

The Secrets of the Pebbles is the final music track written to capture the magic that I have experienced on this wonderful island and I hope summarises feelings clearly stated at the end of the book in particular.

Vieni Cu Mi a poem in Filicudara (an Italian dialect).