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The Secrets of the Pebbles: Reader Comments

Helen Rowland…

Terrific read Diana!!

Great music! really sets the scene so well. Well done.

Rosanna Billett…

Beautiful, sensitive, brilliantly written … there is so much more to this book than just a story. POWERFUL, HEALING AND THOUGHT PROVOKING.

Souls to be healed by those who read it and to those that pass on what they have learnt to others. The music was beautiful before I read the book but became so much more remarkable and hauntingly beautiful whilst reading the book. This book beckons to be a movie.

I can’t say enough – please just read it … just spellbinding.

Anne Fallon…

I highly recommend the Secret of the Pebbles to anyone who has the pleasure of purchasing a copy.

Robyn Austin…

Great read couldn't put it down! Gave me a great insight into times past in this small island community.